Groom Style at Trop LV Weddings

Groom accessoriesIt’s not just about the bride and her style these days. There has never been more style for a groom than now.

Rocker… Hipster… Dapper… Trendsetter… Cowboy… Surfer… Classic.

On his wedding day the groom sports some pretty major style. Here are a few of our Tropicana grooms looking their finest.

The trendsetting groom is wearing suits in various colors. Our groom chose a tan suit with accessories to match the bride’s bouquet. The color of your suit could depend on the season or be your favorite color.

Groom colored suit

This dapper groom and his bride are showing off their “couple style” with coordinating blues and grays. Your wedding is the first time to show your unity as bride and groom and many at Trop LV choose to do that by complimenting each other in their wedding attire.

Groom Couple Style

The classic groom wears a black tuxedo and the bow tie. The bow tie is trending in a big way in men’s fashion today. The tuxedo compliments the amazing designer wedding dresses we have been seeing at Trop LV Weddings.

Attention Wrangler National Finals Rodeo members and fans! Take note from this groom and get married in Vegas when you’re in town this December. Jeans. Vest. Boots. Hat. A handsome cowboy is every bride’s dream.

Groom western style

The groom’s style is noticed on his wedding day. Color.. Cuff links… Socks… Hat… Classic tuxedo. How will you express yours?

Tropicana Las Vegas Weddings would love to help you personalize your wedding to suit your style. Contact us today!

Local 702-739-2451

Toll Free 1-800-280-1187



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